Commentary on a Transfinite Cantorian Gauge Theory as Applied to Determining the Temperature of the Microwave Background Radiation in the Topology and Geometry of (Fractal) Spacetime

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Ramanujans Formula, Wittens Fractal M-Theory, Deutsch Constructor Theory, Penrose Fractal Universe, L Prandtl Boundary Layer Theory, Eddingtons Fundamental Theory, G tHooft Gauge Theory, A Connes Non Commutative Geometry, Von Neumanns Pointless Geometry,
M. S. El Naschie
The primary objective of the paper at hand is to introduce the far reaching consequences of applying pointless geometry of the von Neumann type in conjunction with a non commutative topology along the lines of the pioneering ideas outlined by A. Connes and his school as far as the powerful classical idea of gauge theory is concerned. In doing all of that, we simply found out that this procedure will revolutionize the entire classical gauge theory concepts as applied to modern high energy physics and quantum cosmology which we learned from the magnificent writings of G. ‘tHooft, his teacher, his students and his followers. To achieve this admittedly ambitious objective, we thought nothing could be easier than rewriting, expanding and commenting on a twenty year old paper which we published and is entitled: “Determining the temperature of the microwave background radiation from the topology and geometry of spacetime”. In the course of doing so and as the reader will surely notice, we did open new vistas in all directions connecting what superficially used to seem unrelated, disconnected and irrelevant to our subject and convert it to one coherent unit. With that we mean in particular subjects such as Eddington’s fundamental theory and its relation to the Pythagorean-Plato golden number system of “cosmic music”. The incredible truth uncovered here is that contrary to the wrong supposition that the more we move away from the cherished fundamental equation and endorse full heartedly the fundamental golden number system of ancient Alexandria, the faster we can revolutionize our outdated habitual classical view of objective science and become in a position to fuse together physics, mathematics, art and consciousness. In a sense this dream is becoming true. It is fair to point out that the present work depends fundamentally on the deep insight of the great Indian number theoretical genius S. Ramanujan in addition to the work that of E. Witten, D. Deutsch, R. Penrose, G. ‘tHooft. In addition, the work could also be viewed as an unexpected and fair resolution of the controversy known as the Hans Bethe spoof.

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