The Energy-Space Universe and Relativity

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Relativity and Fundamental Particles, The Isochrones Motion of Material Points, The Absolute Frames In Nature, The Navel Cord of Galaxies
Markos Georgallides
Objective reality appears to be a straightforward concept. In it motion and rest coexist but are always relative to a Frame of reference, i.e. a is a standard relative to which motion (change of space) and rest may be measured. In Newtonian celestial mechanics, taking the, fixed stars, as a frame of reference is determined the Centre of mass of the solar system relative to this frame. On question, where is the in which are referred all other relative systems to this frame, many Philosophical and other theories have been beared on this notion as were, the gravitational theory of Galileo, the equivalence principle of Einstein and others. Equilibrium in Geometry exists → for a line on zero,0, point, for a Surface on Geometric Center, a point, and a aline through the geometric center perpendicular to the areas, for a Volume is the center of mass of volumes, a point, and a line through the center of mass directed to a force, and for Material Points the centre of mass. Space, Anti-space are two opposite rotating Momentum Vectors [18] which equilibrium in, Common circle, so the center of this circle consists, the Rest Point, of all coordinate Absolute systems relative to this. It has been proved [17] that the points on the circumference of this circle have the very important property, to separate (+) Space from (-) Anti-Space and transferring the Inner properties (quaternions) OFF this Absolute System as new quaternion properties (the fundamental particles ) to infinite parallel coordinate Systems (Inertial systems) in a cylinder, the [STPL] line, from where all quaternion (monads ) exist, and are correlated by a new common axis [R]≡( DA-PA ) [36]. From Angular momentum is created velocity (v) on circumference and angular velocity (w) on axis fixed at the center, O, of common circle. As referred properties on circle are transferred isochrones off the circle following [STPL] either on center, O, as constant velocity, c, or on surface and circumference, O, r as velocity, v. The elements on circumference are the opposite velocities + v, - v and the breakages + (w\.r)², - (w\.r)², 2(w\.r)² defining thus the material points, and on fixed point O exist only a constant velocity c = 0 → v → ∞, since r and acceleration (dw/dt) is zero. This is the why velocity of light is constant in all Inertial systems. By contrast Inertial frame {S} is the, Rest frame of reference, which describes Space-Energy homogeneously and isotropically and in an genius manner, where arbitrary number, t = time, is defined as the conversion factor between time units (second) and length units (meter),and this because of Lorentz factor γ = sec.φ = (ct/vt). The element at point O is Momentum (±ΛÑi) of Space, Anti-Space which is transferred in STPL line by the constant velocity, c, as force (±c.ΛÑi) producing as said, Dark-energy and Dark matter on Relative Inertial Frames. This force acts dynamically and equally on all masses coming from the circumference (O, r) in all Inertial systems causing deviations from uniform rectilinear motion. By defining the conversion factor t = time, between the conventional time units(s) and length units (meter =A.DA) then Simultaneity (isochrones motion) is obtained by the Cycloidal motion of material points in order to avoid scattering. All material points (quaternions) keep constant their Norm |v| because of their intrinsic property to be a Standing wave (a plane stationary wave) which remains in the constant magnitude and position |v| with the two edges as nodes with wavelength twice the norm and independently of amplitude, with period T =2π ¨(2/w) depending on, w, only (it is spin) and thus forming the spherical standing waves. Absolute point O of circle (O,OA) and point DA of axis DA,PA define a common rectilinear Relative System [R] ≡DA-PA, and this because [STPL] line is produced from the, [Rest=Fixed Frame [S] ≡ {DA-O},(x,y,z,c)] becoming the [Relative frame [R] ≡ DA-PA(xÁ,yÁ,zÁ, v) ]. Thrust (v = w.r) on circumference of, common circle, is continually acting on the Breakages + [(w.r)²], - [(w.r)²], 2.[(w.r)²], producing the fundamental particles Leptons and Bosons with ½ and 1 spin. In case where Thrust (v = w.r) is not acting on the Breakages they are then deviated in STPL cylinder where there, constant Thrust c = velocity on centre, O, of, common circle, is continually acting on the Breakages producing Dark matter ± c.[(w.r)²] which is the opposite Relative equilibrium mass, and Dark energy 2c.[(w.r)²] which is the acting force in all Relative parallel frames which are the Inertial frames. In case that Thrust, c, is not acting on the Breakages they are then the Rest, Medium-Field Material-Fragment ±(w.r)², in STPL cylinder and continually existing as Field→ ± [(w.r)²] and Gravity force→ 2.[(w.r)²]. Cycloidal motion is proofed to be the intrinsic property of wavelengths |λ|, which is a Stationary wave on Norm of vector |AB|=|λ|, which carry velocity vector, v, from A to B point, and thus Poinsot's ellipsoid of motion becomes → Cycloidal Ellipsoid.

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