The Evaluation of Properties of Physical Time

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Physical Time, Properties, Closed Curved Loop, Discreet Time, Forward Time, Simultaneity, Asymmetric Process
Prasenjit Debnath
The conception of the physical time changes over time by varying interpretation of physical time as the science progresses, no one conclusion of physical time emerges in the study of Physics of physical time. The theory of Special Relativity and the theory of General Relativity radically transformed out perception about physical time, and these theories also raise the debate of simultaneity within the theories themselves. The debate raises the question, what properties we must and we should attribute to physical time. By the history of addition and subtraction of these physical time properties, the history of the concept of physical time can be realized. Given set of real numbers, we can impose any structure of these numbers to have different real number line. Similarly, given set of events or moments, we can impose various kinds of structure on real time line. These various types of temporal structure will help us to differentiate the ordering properties, topological properties and metrical properties of physical time. The physical time never runs forward itself for our universe. The properties that cause the physical time to run forward in a curvature like closed-loop movement are first, the transformation and variation of mass and energy, secondly, nonlinear distribution of scattered masses having density variations, thirdly, their nonlinear motions, nonlinear changes in motion, fourthly, nonlinear expansion of our universe, it is a very complex and vast processes cause the physical time to move forward in our universe. The time does not move in a straight line, rather curvature like forward movement. Actually it never had a beginning and it will never have an end because a closed-curved loop cannot have a starting point or an end. It has a curvature like forward movement due to many asymmetric processes in our universe like, physical (thermodynamic, radiation), metaphysical (causation, counter factual dependence), epistemological (more knowledge of the past than the future), emotional (care more about the future than the past). So, the physical time is a curvature loop with the beginning and the end is separated by a single interval of two discreet time instants.

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