The Physical Time Resemblance as a King Maker

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Time, Closed Curved Loop, Discreet Time, Deterministic Time, Time Instants, Matter, Anti Matter, Mass
Prasenjit Debnath
The physical time, resembles as a king maker, plays the central role to dictate our Universe, what it was, what it is and what it will be. Every matter as an anti-matter, if come together will annihilate each other to form energy to radiate into the Universe. If a matter has a mass of +M, the anti-matter has a mass of –M; means if we add a matter or an anti-matter, if the total mass increases, the other will decrease if we add that. Suppose we are made of matter having mass of +M, the time we travel is forward (positive direction) direction. Then, the anti-selves of us should travel in time in opposite (Negative direction) direction. Our Universe is expanding; the anti- selves Universe must be contracting. So, we can conclude that the net displacement in space and time is zero. The movement made by us is compensated by our anti-selves to make the net spatial and temporal movements are zero. The forward time arrow of us is not a straight line, as time is not running forward at the same speed everywhere in the Universe due to a lot of reasons like non linearity in distribution of masses and nonlinear motions of masses, the nonlinear expansion of the Universe, nonlinear variation of density, existence of Black holes; the net resultant forward time arrow is a closed-curved curvature with no beginning and no end. Also time is discrete in nature, so that we jump from one time instant to next time instant in forward direction. As long as we are matter, the time will move in one direction in a closed-curved curvature movement and the anti-matter will move in opposite direction in also a closed-curved curvature like movement. The annihilation of self and anti-self can occur at every time instant when they switch over each other’s time instants. But the annihilation never happens to us because self and anti-self when meet, time is undefined between two successive time instants. In other words, self and anti-self never be in a same time instant. As the resultant spatial and temporal movements of self and anti-self are zero, the term absolute rest is appropriate for Space and time. Both have mostly absolute properties like both are discrete, deterministic. As long as we are matter, in other words, as long as self and anti-self are separated, we will have either forward or backward movement in space and time. If for some reason we annihilate each other, we will lose the concept of forward and backward movement of space and time and also their relative effects on us. The time is deterministic, means given to the past and present initial conditions, future can be completely determined. Future can never be probabilistic. Application of probability in both microscopic and macroscopic world is the ignorance and lack of proper knowledge and mathematical formulation of initial conditions of present and past.

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